Water Conservation Necessary For Survival

Water ConservationRecently on the TV program 60 Minutes, there was a segment that explained how we are “depleting the water” table. Is that possible? Would you even notice?

Is water the new oil? Absolutely!  In fact, in my area I was told by the water well drillers that the water table (from the ground level down to water) has dropped.  When I first moved here over 35 years ago, the water table was 15 feet. These days using the same drilling rate, it’s around 25 feet. In Louisiana, we don’t drill 11,000 feet for water. They drill down to 300, 350, 400 feet or deeper for a well. At this point in time, our ground water table is around 25 feet.  And it’s dropping every year. That’s why we have to use deeper water well pumps.

I have a shallow well pump. That’s not a good thing because if the water table drops lower to 50 feet that means my shallow well pump will start straining. If you have a submersible pump (4” well), your pump can go down as deep as 300 feet.

Water Conservation Clean Water

Many homeowners in my area are able to use the water for potable water. My area does not get drinking water from a river like some cities do. For instance, the city of New Orleans takes their water from the Mississippi River, cleaning it, and putting it into a system. Their water contains chemicals such as chlorine, a bleach and carcinogen, to kill bacteria.

The only people who are big water well drillers are the farmers. I guess any farmer across America uses lots of water. The reason why California needs so much water is because of its climate.  Its climate is very good for growing crops since it has mild climates, no extreme heat or cold.

I personally think they could also clean water using other systems like reverse osmosis. In the original 60 Minutes video, that guy who cleaned the sewage was forcing it through a membrane in order to clean it – which is reverse osmosis. They were showing you sewage being drunk by Leslie Stahl. Why not clean ocean water using reverse osmosis? Ships do it.

Cruise ships use lots of potable water for all the people on board. They use it for drinking, taking showers, washing dishes, etc. They may need a better solution.

There are different ways to make fresh water. It’s just easier to use what’s already fresh – and available – instead of the salt water. With salt water, you have to take the salt out before drinking it. One way you can clean salt water through distillation. That would require heating the water and letting it evaporate into another container. That’s one way but then what about reverse osmosis? By using reverse osmosis, they run the water through filter systems. Either way, it’s not cheap.

The sewage treatment plant in the video had thousands of reverse osmosis systems with membrane filters. Those membrane filters would trap particles. But eventually, they get worn out.  They have to back flush them to clean and unstop them.

Filters get clogged and will need replacing.

Water Conservation For Homeowners

I think this video on 60 Minutes shows that there is a better way of not wasting water. I think we use too much water to begin with, especially watering lawns. We are heading toward a water shortage. Eventually we will be prohibited from using so much water.  We already have water limiting toilets that reduced the amount of water during flushing. There are water fountains in some parks that shoot water for kids to play. That’s great for kids. But from a water conservation perspective, it is using water insignificantly.

Our goal should be to try and conserve water. The future will start restricting people to their usage. Conserve water now. Your grandchildren will appreciate fresh, clean drinking water.

In the comment section blow this post, I want you to write your suggestions for water conservation. How can you and your neighbors conserve water?


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