Solar Powered Systems For Homes Verses Your Electric Company

When installing solar powered systems for homes, your solar contractor needs to take into effect your needs, how much you have been using over the last 12 months and the amount of adjustments you are willing to take to convert … Continue reading

Solar Power Leasing

Solar power is growing in popularity. There are great tax credits available on the federal level and some available on the state level. You can purchase a solar powered system or you can lease it. When you purchase an alternative … Continue reading

Solar Power System Moves Ahead Of The Market

Solar power system is the fastest growing alternative source on the market today. It has created more jobs than other alternative energy fields. The popularity of solar power is growing from homeowners to businesses with no end in sight. The … Continue reading

Energy: Powering Your Home and Your Car

If that circuit is shared by other appliances, you’ll have major problems on your hands. You will overload the circuit. As a result the breaker can be tripped. If you simply add another dryer receptacle, can your existing electrical panel be capable of handling it?

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