Learn How Many Electricians You Need For One Job

  What if you are building a new home, installing a standby generator and installing a pool? Should you have one electrician on the job? Absolutely!  Otherwise, there may be complications on the job. The homeowner who subs it out … Continue reading

Solar Powered Systems For Homes Verses Your Electric Company

When installing solar powered systems for homes, your solar contractor needs to take into effect your needs, how much you have been using over the last 12 months and the amount of adjustments you are willing to take to convert … Continue reading

Water Conservation Necessary For Survival

Recently on the TV program 60 Minutes, there was a segment that explained how we are “depleting the water” table. Is that possible? Would you even notice? Is water the new oil? Absolutely!  In fact, in my area I was … Continue reading

Secrets You Need To Know To Hire Licensed Electrician

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Standby Generator Installation For Homeowners

I recently completed a standby generator installation. This local installation included a 20 KW standby generator with an automatic transfer switch. The homeowner was happy with the outcome and has had no problems with the unit. The load at his … Continue reading