Tips To Reduce Your Electric Bills By Digging Deeper For Real Savings

What was your last electric bill?  Have you tried to cut down on your usage?  You turn off the lights when you leave the room. You only wash and dry your clothes when you have a full load. You don’t … Continue reading

Guide To Food Waste For Homeowners: Are You Wasting Food?

From Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years, we’ve just finished the biggest holiday of eating. Whether its turkey bones or a casserole nobody ate, what do you do with the food left over? Have we become a nation to waste … Continue reading

How To Do a Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit

Are you ready to cut down and reduce your electric bills? Are you worried about the environment?  One step you could take is to perform a home energy audit. You’ll want to take some notes, so grab a clipboard or legal pad … Continue reading

Electrical Contractor Needed In Your Home

When I get a call to a homeowners’ location for a problem, it surprises me the things I find in their attic. I’m not talking about Christmas decorations. I am referring to the wire mess that was left behind by … Continue reading

Electrical Contractor Needed In Your Home To Repair Code Violations

When you have a problem, do you call a professional or a handyman?  Would you be ashamed if a professional contractor looked into your attic?  Is your electrical work legal? Would it pass inspection? I was recently called to a … Continue reading

Electrician Uses Boxes For Safety In Wiring A Ceiling Fan

  Call an electrician for work you need within your home. As a professional, that electrician should be qualified to perform the simplest work such as installing a ceiling fan to the more complicated work such as installing or upgrading … Continue reading

Homeowner Failed To Cancel A Scheduled Job

I scheduled the job. I took the time to travel to her job location with a helper. There are three factors to consider her. When a customer hires another professional and doesn’t call to cancel the first scheduled job, they should be charged.

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