Guide To Food Waste For Homeowners: Are You Wasting Food?

From Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years, we’ve just finished the biggest holiday of eating. Whether its turkey bones or a casserole nobody ate, what do you do with the food left over? Have we become a nation to waste … Continue reading

In An Electrical Emergency, Who Do You Call?

A phone call in the middle of the night is scary. The first thought is usually, who died? But if you have a business like I do, those middle of the night calls are answered by an answering machine or … Continue reading

How To Hire A Contractor

When homeowners are selling their house, the Realtor will ask if you have had any upgrades or changes to the original house. The Realtor will ask you which licensed contractor you used. For instance, I installed a generator for a … Continue reading

Electrical Contractor Needed In Your Home

When I get a call to a homeowners’ location for a problem, it surprises me the things I find in their attic. I’m not talking about Christmas decorations. I am referring to the wire mess that was left behind by … Continue reading

Dedicated Circuits In The Home

Dedicated circuits are always installed for equipment values. There are dedicated circuits in the home that are commonly used in your kitchen. Your kitchen appliances should have dedicated circuits. They are called appliances service outlets. The GFI (ground fault interrupter) … Continue reading

Electrical Safety Not A Priority: Gives Electricians A Bad Name

Do you need a receptacle replaced? Do you need to upgrade your panel? Don’t call your cousin. Don’t call your neighbor. You need to call an electrician. But before you jump on the phone, I have a few tips to … Continue reading