Solar Powered Systems For Homes Verses Your Electric Company

solar powered systems for homesWhen installing solar powered systems for homes, your solar contractor needs to take into effect your needs, how much you have been using over the last 12 months and the amount of adjustments you are willing to take to convert over to a solar powered home.

Calculations will need to be made for normal use of your electrical system.  Energy systems for determining energy use are different.  Everybody’s needs are different.  Everybody wants are different.  Everybody is different in the way they use energy.  That is a big factor in trying to determine a set factor to determine that individual’s needs for solar power.

But how does your utility company fit into all this?  Good question! The answer may surprise you.

Solar Powered Systems For Homes

Before you install a solar powered system in your home, you’d better make sure your power company will allow it. Is that a surprise to you? In my area, there are utility companies that are not installing the solar powered meters which are needed. In order for you, as the homeowner, to store the power you produce during the day so you can buy it back at night, you must have a special “net” meter. These meters will audit the amount of power you are creating as well as the amount of power you are using.

The utility company must install these special net meters at your home on your solar powered system. And install them at their convenience, I might add. These meters will record how much power you are producing and using. The utility companies agree to buy back the power your produce, but not necessarily at the same rate you sell it to them. In other words, they could still make a profit off what you produce, whether you know it or not.

These utility companies also get subsidized from the public. The public subsidizes utility companies to pay for their lines and other things. The energy companies must have a certain percentage of their power produced from alternative means. The government is encouraging homeowners to go solar by subsidizing solar through tax credits. It seems like everyone gets subsidized.

The Public Service Commission doesn’t take that into account in their public announcements because they are in the pocket of the energy companies. There is something wrong when elected officials say it is OK to take financial support from a utility company, particularly during reelection season.

Solar Powered Systems For Homes

Louisiana is a net metering state. Yet, they have decided to limit on the amount of meters for solar. Homeowners could have purchased the meters. That would not have been a problem because the amount of power you would be producing in the future would overcome those costs. But the utility company wants to use their own meter to make sure of the usage. As I heard in a movie, “who is going to monitor the monitors?”

Just because the energy companies are crying wolf doesn’t mean that all they say is true!  Believe me, truth is hard to come by from them! Congress is back in session. Get involved in your state. Find out what bills are being voted on – for or against – in your area for solar powered systems for homes.


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