Privacy Invasion: Smart Meters Spying On You

Smart MeterI received bad news last week. A smart meter was installed at my home. Now I know many people think that homeowners would be able to cut back on their electric bills if they knew what to cut back on. Another one I heard was that homeowners are footing the bills so it doesn’t matter what or how you use your electricity anyway. Right?  Well, maybe, maybe not, but that’s not all you need to know.

Smart Meters

Do you really know what a smart meter does?  It monitors all your electrical equipment within your house including air conditioning, appliances such as a refrigerator, etc.  That’s how they know what is in use at what time.  They know by a sensory within an appliances.  Certain appliances come with wireless remote transmitted equipment that is operated remotely. That’s why you can you can turn on your lights and appliances from your cell phones these days with an app.

All electrical use will be sent to your power company from a smart meter.  The information sent to your power company will be things like:

  • what appliances you use
  • when you use them
  • how much you use them

Then what do you think they will do with it?  The answer is – whatever they want to.  They can turn that information over to the police if they chose. They could tell if you were home when a murder was committed.  They could tell if you were home at all on a certain time.  They can tell that information by your electrical usage.

Privacy Invasion

What happened in your home is your business and not anyone else’s.  It sounds to me like they are trying to spy on me. Isn’t that an invasion of privacy? No one needs to know that information unless they plan on doing something with it. What information do they need?

A smart meter should only need to know that you are using electricity.  And if you don’t pay your bill on time, they can turn your power off without any warning.

But I don’t understand the usage.  That’s a government invasion of privacy. What they are doing is telling someone else exactly what I am using and when.  It’s none of their business what I am using.  Is it anyone’s business how many times I flush the toilet a day or how many times I open the refrigerator? Is it anyone’s business how many times I use the dishwasher as long as I pay the bill?  If I want to stay home and watch movies all day, who cares?  But they sell others my informational usage so they can sell me more stuff.  They sell more stuff to people who they know use something similar.

The appliance industry knows how many times I use a certain appliance. The power company can sell my information to the appliance industry or other industries. How much does Robert Farbe use it? Well, Robert Farbe uses it 3 times a day.  They know because it’s imprinted. These meters are smart meters spying on you.

Smart Meter Opposition

Now, you can refuse the meter but it’s to no avail.  It may not be to your advantage because what they would do is to charge more to come and read your meter.  Do you know anybody who has refused a smart meter?  I think no one knows about them or what they can do.  The power company enters your property and installs a fancy new smart meter.  When you agree to get power from the power company, you agree to all their provisions like coming onto your property and read your meter.  Now, if I am independent from the power company, they cannot come on my property without my knowledge and permission. A meter is their property. But yet, they are invading my privacy.

Do you have a smart meter?  Should your electric company control you within your own home? Should they be able to give out your personal information to the police and other governmental authorities? Post your comments below. I’d like to know where you stand on smart meters.




Privacy Invasion: Smart Meters Spying On You — 2 Comments

  1. I am having trouble with my local gas supplier, National Grid, here on Long Island. They threatened to turn my gas off if I don’t allow them to “upgrade” my gas line to the house by inserting a 10 to 15 foot plastic sleeve (which they keep changing the composition of) into the old pipe which reduces pipe inside diameter and they tell me it is to protect the pipe from corrosion. Then why don’t they put sleeves in ALL the pipes on Long Island then!! The highway department just paved my road days before. The highway permit supervisor couldn’t believe it. Now they will have to tear up part of the road and curb to put this sleeve in. Anyway, I have audio recordings of my conversations with National Grid. I will assemble these recordings and paperwork they gave me and send it to anyone who may be able to help. PLEASE SEND ME THE LINK TO THE LETTER YOU REFER TO IN YOUR VIDEO CLIP. Thanks.

    • Robert on said:

      At the bottom right of the video, you can hover your cursor where it says “You Tube” and it will say to click here to watch on You Tube. When you click there, a new window will open to the original video. You can scroll down to read his original comments.
      Contact me if that doesn’t work.

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