Save On Energy With Solar

Save On Energy

Save on energy with solar

Electric bills are ever increasing! You didn’t think your utility bill could go any higher – until you received your bills during the summer months. The extreme temperatures during hot summers and cold winters will increase your utility bills. If you are ready to get away from those high utility bills and quit supporting the utility companies, you need to look at alternatives. One alternative would be photovoltaic, commonly known as solar power.

Before you jump in and install solar, you need to save on energy by reducing your electric usage. You need to tell the kids to quit leaving the back door open. You need to adjust your thermostat a degree or two, especially when you leave town for a week.

Once you know what how to reduce your usage, you need to know how solar works. Below is a great tip to show you exactly that.




Save On Energy

How solar panels work

In order to save on energy, you first need to evaluate your home. You need to know what you and your family have used over the past 12 months to come up with an average energy usage amount. Your goal would then be to supplement or replace what your average monthly usage was.

In order to save on energy, you first need to know what it is and how it works. This info-graphic was provided by from their site. Hope it helps you go solar!



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  1. Michael on said:


    For the past few years, my interest in regenerative agriculture, permaculture, organic farming, renewable energies and other sustainable living approaches has been increasing rapidly. In addition, my interest in social justice, harmonious social relations and unifying communications between peoples in communities is also becoming more intense each day I live. I desire deeply to contribute in these areas especially.

    I recently moved to Mandeville, Louisiana. Upon arriving I decided to research all farms, shops and organizations practicing close to what I listed above. Yours popped up in my research, so here we are.

    Anyway, I am interested in sharing my work, ideas, time, energy, skills, passions in any way I can as well as continuing my learning. Please let me know about any opportunities I can help collaborate on. And anything you could offer at all, related or unrelated to this email, is sincerely appreciated.

    Michael Beyer

    • Robert on said:

      Thank you for your interest. It’s great to hear enthusiasm is renewable energies and the other areas you mentioned.
      But I am unable to join with you at this time in your quest for knowledge.
      Keep checking back on my blog for more helpful information.

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