About Robert Farbe

Robert FarbeRobert Farbe

I am an electrician, an energy consultant and an author.¬† I have installed commercial generators for a shipyard back in the 1980’s. I have troubleshooted and repaired EMD generators.¬† I wired control panels for ships, including PLC control systems to motor control cabinets, start stop stations, and built and installed relay boards for PLC sub-controls.¬† Voltages ranging from 120/240 208-240-4160 three phase. I installed transformers 480 primary with 120/240 secondary. I worked on many facets of designing, building,¬†troubleshooting, and maintaining marine control equipment. I am able to interpret electrical drawings from engineers to install motor control PLC equipment.

After the shipyard, I started my own electrical contracting business geared toward residential, commercial, and industrial construction. I have been in business for over twenty years. I pride myself performing top of the line electrical service. I have solved electrical problems for homeowners through troubleshooting and correction of the situation. I have installed solar powered systems for homeowners and have also installed hundreds of standby generators and performed maintenance on them. I am very good at trouble shooting and have found solutions to difficult situations.

My specialty leans toward consulting for energy efficiency. My goal is to help customers become more energy efficient in their home and business. I wrote an eBook called Energy Efficient Homes Explained that is available on Amazon Kindle. In this book, I give homeowners tips and solutions to save money on their electric bills.