You Can Prevent Global Warming

Prevent Global WarmingGlobal warming is a major threat to your environment and your overall well-being. Everyone is now concerned about the environment and doing what they can to help save the environment. Is it possible to combat or prevent global warming in your own back yard? It is easy to learn how to prevent global warming in your home. You can start with identifying areas of your home which contribute to global warming. One of the major sources of global warming at home is gases generated from heating, cooling and electricity used for appliances and lighting.

Prevent Global Warming

Here are a few easy ways to prevent global warming in your home:

1) Prevent Global Warming By Reducing Heating & Cooling

You can easily reduce global warming by increasing your energy conservation efforts at home. You just need to use less energy to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can reduce your energy consumption to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer by blocking holes through which air leaks out of your home. These leaks are generally present in windows and doors and cause a lot of heat and cooling loss if they are not insulated effectively. You can easily fix this by doing a bit of weather stripping.

Using your central air conditioning during hot summers will quickly raise your electric bills. Your central air conditioning is the major component that sucks your electric bills!

2) Prevent Global Warming By Using Less Electricity

Saving electricity too helps to prevent global warming and also saves you money on your electricity bill. You can save electricity by making a few changes to your daily life. You should use your electrical appliances responsibly and always switch them off after use. You should avoid usage of electricity when you can, for example hang your clothing as soon as you are done and avoid using the dryer.

You should also switch off lights and other electrical appliances when they are not in use. This may not save you a lot of electricity since they are not a major power strain. But every little bit helps. Switching to LED’s will help too. Many people forget turning off their appliances when not in use which results in waste of electricity. In addition, practice further conservation by unplugging appliances not in use or attaching multiple plugs to a power strip or surge protector that is easily switched off.

3) Prevent Global Warming By Driving Less

A few other ways you can contribute in the prevention of global warming are driving less often. Make a list of errands you need to accomplish each week. Some may be in the same area and will save you an extra trip. You can also consider car-pooling either with co-workers or neighbors.

4) Prevent Global Warming By Eating Organic

Eating locally grown organic food helps. Most food may not be grown in your area. It would have to be shipped to your area. That shipping is using up fuel that contributes to global warming. By buying local, you reduce or eliminate those fuels going into our air.

5) Prevent Global Warming by Getting Rid Of Plastics

Get rid of plastics in your home. The major usage of plastics is plastic drinking water bottles. They are definitely hazardous to our environment. There are some plastics that can be recycled. But to use a plastic water bottle and then throw it away only fills up our land-fills and does nothing for our environment. Try other options such as stainless steel water bottles.


There are a number of additional ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help prevent global warming. The ones listed above are just a few of the basics of preventing global warming in your home.

Remember to teach all your family members about the threat of global warming and the way they can help prevent it. If everyone can make a bit of contribution towards preventing global warming, we can easily reduce the threat of global warming to our environment. You can start by purchasing my ebook titled “Energy Efficient Homes Explained” from Amazon. Please leave a comment after you read it.


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