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How Many Electricians You NeedWhat if you are building a new home, installing a standby generator and installing a pool? Should you have one electrician on the job? Absolutely!  Otherwise, there may be complications on the job. The homeowner who subs it out himself or the general contractor will have to coordinate all three electricians.

That is exactly what happened to me. The homeowner asked me to install a standby generator. I would not agree until the electrician wiring his home called me and talked to me. I wanted to know if there was going to be any conflict in this situation and he said no.  Because I was the 2nd in line of electricians, I need to know if the other electrician would approve of the situation, allow me to do my job without his interference, and willing to work with me as a licensed electrician.  All electricians involved must pull their own permit for the job they did on location. How many electricians you need depends upon the job and what is involved at that one location.

How Many Electricians You Need

On another job several months ago, I encountered a similar situation with 2 electricians on one job: one for wiring the new house and one for the standby generator. I filed a permit for my work installing a standby generator and he filed for his work. When the inspector found a problem, he contacted me. I explained to him that I did not have anything to do with that part of the job. My work was the generator installation. The problem he found was with the other electrician who wired the house. As an electrician, I can’t condemn the other contractors. When the inspectors or the local jurisdiction that has authority come out to inspect a job, I am required to go under whatever they say according to the work I have done but not for the work someone else has done.

That creates a conflict. The permit office easily gets confused over different electricians at one location. The homeowner or general contractor can also get caught in the middle. It worked out on this particular job but it creates confusion in the whole job.  If there was one electrician on the whole job and he subbed out to other electricians, then it wouldn’t be any conflict at all. That one electrician that is qualified for all the work can coordinate things much better because he can know where things are going to be installed. Therefore, he can adjust as needed.

Whose responsibility is it to hire an electrician? It’s the job of the general contractor, or homeowner if he subs it out himself, to manage these things if he wants more than one electrician. That person needs to make sure each electrician is doing the job that they were contracted to do, according to the work they were paid to do. Also, that person needs to make sure all other electricians on that one job are qualified to perform what jobs they are hired for as well as coordinate them on the job (who gets in first, then second and so on).

How Many Electricians You Need For Solar

On another job a few years ago, a contractor wanted to hire me for a solar project. I told him no, so, he asked why. I told him because there would be a conflict of interest. I have to have things done within the home (electrically) so I can insure the power the homeowner will generate will be enough power to accomplish his needs. I am very particular about new home wiring when alternative energy will be part of their source. Some electricians want to pull 14 gauge wire in the house. I wouldn’t do that. Some electricians are going to pull less circuitry and I’m not going to allow it. I would need single circuitry for this, single circuitry for that, which generate on a separate panel. And I know this primary electrician is not going to do that. I told that to the contractor. The contractor said ‘the homeowner wants that solar junk.’ After he said that, I knew that contractor wasn’t willing to work with me. There would definitely be a conflict of interest.

The quality of electricians can present conflict, too. There are electricians who are not qualified.  For instance, I am qualified to do a lot more than just wiring houses. I am able to work in the industrial and commercial areas. Whereas in some cases, other electricians are not qualified because they are not trained. A good example of that are electricians who get confused on the grounding procedures on pools.

How Many Electricians You Need At One Location

It’s really the contractor decision. On my current job, I made it clear to this homeowner that I wasn’t going to deal with anything that was not up to code. I made it clear that I wasn’t going to make it my problem or fight with the other electrician about the job. The homeowner said we are not going to have any conflict.

Homeowners and general contractors need to realize what is involved with a job before you hire 3 electricians on one location. How many electricians does it take on one job?



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  1. How many electricians does it take to change a light bulb? 🙂 Anyways, on a more serious note… hiring an electrician company can also be a good idea as you will have more professionals working for you. But whether it’s a company or a single person, you should always verify if they are well-trained and licensed before hiring.

    • Robert on said:

      “verify if they are well-trained and licensed before hiring.” I couldn’t agree with you more!

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