Home Show For Small Business and Entrepreneurs

home show for small businessAre you looking to grow your business? Do you want to make a few dollars? Many times a local home show is the place to do that. What steps do you need to take? How do you set up in a local fair or home show? Where do you get information?

Word of mouth is a great resource. Local advertisements can point you to an upcoming home show or fair. Most areas advertise a home show once a year. You will need to contact the person handling the home how or fair to see what rules or regulations they want the fair participants to follow.

Home Show Availability

When you sign up to participate, they will ask you to sign a contract. In that contract, they will tell you what they will provide and what you will need to provide to make the show a great one. The most common misunderstanding I have found at home shows is the amount of power available to each booth. One booth at a home show or fair is considered 8 feet by 10 feet or they can be 10 feet by 10 feet, depending upon the size of the place holding the show. You can sometimes order 2 booths to get twice the size but you will pay for 2 booths.

With each booth you sign up for, you may be able to purchase power with that booth. That’s where your contract comes into play. Review it for details. Some shows include power and some don’t. And the amount of power may vary. Look at your equipment.  If your circuit is tripping, it doesn’t mean you need a bigger breaker. It means that whatever is on that cord and plug is too much for the circuit. If it’s tripping the breaker, it’s too much for that circuit. You need to split up the circuit. Place some on another circuit. Use another circuit. Don’t try and jam up everything on one circuit. You are loading up the wagon with more than it can handle. Make it safe.

Read your contract when you participate in a home show for small business and entrepreneur. Know your limitations.

Home Show for Small Business

If you are a homeowner looking for new construction, your local home show is great for information. If you missed the one in your area, I’m sure there is one a few cities away in the next couple of months.  Once inside, you are able to pick up lots of free information concerning every aspect of building, plumbing, electrical, foundations, insulation, appliances, etc.  The list of suppliers goes on and on.  The contractor at home shows will also answer questions and give brochures or hand outs.  Best of all, you get to meet with the person who will come out to work on your house. You can get to know him.

Home Show for Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur looking to participate in a local home show or fair, know what power is available to you for your needs within your booth. You may need to pay extra depending upon what equipment you use.



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