Is Global Warming True?

global warming is true   Global warming is the hot topic of conversations. A scientist determined to deny or prove that scientists were wrong has had an enlightening moment. He looked at the earth surface temperatures and found that the temperature has increased since the 1950’s and even before then. Global warming is happening. What is it and how does it effect you?  

Global Warming Temperatures

Global warming, according to Wikipedia, “refers to the rising average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans and its related effects.” It goes on to say that Our surface has increased in temperature with the most increase in temperature within the last 30 years. Can you guess why the increase more in the last 30 years? “Scientists are more than 90% certain most of it is caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels.”   Are you a skeptic? This physicist, Richard Muller, said “it makes sense to reduce carbon dioxide created by fossil fuels.” We all know that carbon dioxide is dangerous for the environment. Carbon fuels are generally from coal, gasoline, or diesel. Leading scientists that are skeptical can now realize the problem of greenhouse gases. This study surprised those skeptics because this study was funded by an oil company who supports and funds the tea party and other skeptic groups. It was funded by a company who would not want this information to get out and yet, it was printed in the Wall Street Journal.   How does global warming affect us? Some scientists have been saying that we have experienced it. It’s just that the public has been denying it saying it’s just a part of climate control or part of our evolution of the earth. They don’t want to have anything to do with environmental issues and don’t want to hear that their environment is changing. 7 billion people now live on this planet. We need to learn how to live together without damaging our environment.

Global Warming Prevention

How do we prevent global warming? First let me ask you a question: if your roof in your house was leaking, would you patch it or would you just let it leak into your house? You would patch it, right? So if the environment needs attention and you could help the environment and your children’s future, would you do it?   The skeptics respond by denying that there is nothing happening to the environment. They say that it’s normal wear and tear. No, it is not normal wear and tear. We use so much fossil fuel that it’s in the air every day. Our air content is changing. Our food is changing. Our living is changing. Many animals have to get shots to counteract for the unhealthy food they eat. Animals eat grass and other food supplies that contain chemicals. They spray vegetables and fruits for bugs. Then we eat the animals and we eat the vegetables and fruit. It ends up making a cycle through us. That’s why more people are switching to whole foods to get away from the chemicals.   People are slowly starting to accept our changing environment. Do you notice the summer temperatures are increasing and getting hotter? When I was young, there was never a time that we couldn’t work or play outside. I was never told don’t go outside because it’s too hot. We could play all we wanted to play outside, every day and never worry about the heat. Nobody ever mentioned the ‘heat index.’ Air conditioning has changed us. A lot of people keep their central air conditioning set on a cool 68 degrees. Once you get your body used to such a temperature, you have to keep it.

Global Warming Affect Our Environment

As the temperatures change due to global warming, the environment is changing. There are some things you can do as a homeowner. There are many tax incentives from states and from the federal government. So why not do something, even if it’s a small system? Solar, wind, geothermal, solar hot water tank system, energy efficiency in your home – you choose.   As the environment changes, so does our eco-system. Over the years I used to see streams of ducks. Now they say fewer ducks are due to the heat in the south and that they started landing further up north. I disagree. I believe there are fewer ducks due to the heat, the ozone layer, or they are just not producing as much as they used to. Fewer ducks, fewer bees, something is going on.   Are we getting older and can’t take the heat? That sounds like skepticism. Does the Bible say anything about global warming? No, but it doesn’t say anything about cleaning and performing maintenance on your car either. We should be stewards of everything God has given us.   Global warming is here. It is real. What are you going to do about it?

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    • Thanks, Ed. We do need to be informed to keep on top of things. Researching is part of that.

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