Solar Powered Systems For Homes Verses Your Electric Company

When installing solar powered systems for homes, your solar contractor needs to take into effect your needs, how much you have been using over the last 12 months and the amount of adjustments you are willing to take to convert … Continue reading

Don’t Lose Money On A Solar Powered System Using A Non Licensed Professional

You need to hire a licensed professional when you are having electrical improvements at your home. If a licensed professional cannot do exactly what you want, it is because he is limited by the National Electric Code, or N.E.C. If … Continue reading

Solar Power: Are You Ready To Fly Using Solar?

Solar power is converting sunlight into electricity. Solar power is nothing new.  We have used solar power with battery backup systems to operate satellites for years. The modules will last over 25 years but the batteries (depending upon which ones … Continue reading

Solar Means Business and Saving Money

Have you changed to solar power yet?  Major companies around the US have already changed over. Their business depends upon it. Solar Means Business. Businesses are in business to make money.  They know how to cut costs in one area … Continue reading