Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Have you switched your incandescent light bulbs over to LED lamps? You’ve probably noticed that it’s getting harder to find your favorite incandescent bulb. The reason being that the Energy Independence and Security Act (ESIA) of 2007 was passed to … Continue reading

How To Do a Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit

Are you ready to cut down and reduce your electric bills? Are you worried about the environment?  One step you could take is to perform a home energy audit. You’ll want to take some notes, so grab a clipboard or legal pad … Continue reading

Earth Day Facts

We need to become more attuned to doing things for our environment. If you are not interested in the environment, you should be worried about your money. Are you worried about your money, where it goes, how much you pay for electricity? If you are not an environmentalist and think that it is hogwash, what do you think of your money?

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