Standby Generator Installation For Homeowners

I recently completed a standby generator installation. This local installation included a 20 KW standby generator with an automatic transfer switch. The homeowner was happy with the outcome and has had no problems with the unit. The load at his … Continue reading

Standby Generator Installation Maintenance and Repairs

Where were you when the lights went out? Waiting for your standby generator to come on in 30 seconds, I hope. There are many reasons homeowners lose power these days. It could be due to a storm where a tree … Continue reading

Standby Generator Installation

For a standby generator installation, there are certain procedures that your installer must follow. There are safety issues to consider. There are cost issues to consider. But the installer you hire must know what he is doing and should have … Continue reading

Residential Home Generators: What You Need To Know Before You Purchase

When a storm passes over, you could lose power at your house.  Do you really want to be in the dark while you wait for the power company?  You need to realize that they may need to repair any damage … Continue reading

3 Common Mistakes With A Standby Generator

Homeowners need to have a standby generator. But generators require maintenance and upkeep. If your standby generator works for any length of time, you need to top off the oil daily.  If you oil falls below the safe level, you … Continue reading

Standby Generators: Maintenance Due Even If You Leave Town

Have you lost power lately?  Were you in the path of Hurricane Isaac? Many homeowners have lost utility power at one time or another weather it was due to a hurricane, or just a passing rain storm. To avoid being … Continue reading

Backup Generators: Can They Handle Your Load?

Purchasing a generator is considered a large purchase.  It’s like purchasing appliances in your home.  You probably won’t replace a refrigerator until you have a problem with it or it just goes out.  The same can be true with backup generators.  … Continue reading