Want To Build Your Own Energy Efficient Dream Home?

   Do you dream about building your own energy efficient home? You can if you stay focused. And if part of that focus is to make your home eco-friendly, the rewards can be even more satisfying. There are some specifics … Continue reading

Home Energy Audit For The DIY

Energy efficiency can be achieved through several means.  One way would be to cut back on energy usage.  But how do you know how much energy you are using?  As an electrician, I use a meter to test the amount … Continue reading

Energy Efficient Homes and Cars

Energy efficiency is everywhere. You want to save money and gas when you drive to work. That’s why people buy energy efficient cars. But the most important place is where most people miss or put off until a later date. … Continue reading

Energy Efficient Lighting

  When was your home built? No matter whether you recently built your home or you purchased an existing home, you want that home to be energy efficient.  You can become energy efficient in your home using methods described in … Continue reading

Energy Efficient Tips For Homeowners

Insulating your home can help save you money on your electric bills. You can also save money by reducing the amount of energy usage in your home.  These are energy efficient tips for every homeowner. If you are building soon, … Continue reading

Energy Efficient Solutions and Your Future

Energy efficiency, according to Wikipedia, is “is the goal of efforts to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services.” For homeowners trying to achieve energy efficient solutions, that is reducing the amount of energy you use.  … Continue reading

How Bright Are Your Bulbs?

How many light bulbs do you have in your house?  Do you know how bright they are?  Do you have energy efficient light bulbs?  Lumens have been defined (Wikipedia) as “a measure of the total “amount” of visible light emitted … Continue reading