You Can Prevent Global Warming

Global warming is a major threat to your environment and your overall well-being. Everyone is now concerned about the environment and doing what they can to help save the environment. Is it possible to combat or prevent global warming in … Continue reading

Increased Global Warming Due To Plastic Bottles

You’ve heard about global warming. But do you know what is it and how it affects you? According to Wikipedia, it is the “continuing rise in the average temperature of Earth’s climate system.” How it affects you is through the … Continue reading

Climate Change Is Man Made

Climate change is man-made.  There are weather related things happening that can’t be explained.  One of them is the drought in Texas last year.  It was attributed to events from nature.  These events are said to be too uncommon and … Continue reading

Is Global Warming True?

Global warming is the rising temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and its effects. Our surface has increased in temperature with the most increase in temperature within the last 30 years. Can you guess why?

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