That Would Frustrate Me Too

Electricians Frustrate Me TooWhen a homeowner calls 3 different electricians for an estimate on a job, the homeowner will receive 3 different estimates. Why is that?

When an electrician performs a job, they may not be doing it up to code. There are many electricians in my area that under bid jobs by not doing what code requires. In other words, they reduce the quality of the job so they can charge a homeowner cheaper. But in doing so, they are not covering what could happen in the future as a result of a bad performance by not bringing a job up to code. If every electrician performed every job up to code, each electrical estimate would be comparable to the rest of the electricians and not with a big difference in price.

Electricians Frustrate Me

Every electrician should be Continue reading

Save On Energy With Solar

Save On Energy

Save on energy with solar

Electric bills are ever increasing! You didn’t think your utility bill could go any higher – until you received your bills during the summer months. The extreme temperatures during hot summers and cold winters will increase your utility bills. If you are ready to get away from those high utility bills and quit supporting the utility companies, you need to look at alternatives. One alternative would be photovoltaic, commonly known as solar power.

Before you jump in and install solar, you need to save on energy by reducing your electric usage. You need to tell the kids to quit leaving the back door open. You need to adjust your thermostat a degree or two, especially when you leave town for a week.

Once you know what how to reduce your usage, you need to know how solar works. Below is a great tip to show you exactly that. Continue reading

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make Before Buying A Generator

Before Buying A GeneratorWhen you call a serviceman to come out to your home for a repair, what does he look like? Does he dress appropriately with a uniform that has his company name and logo on it? Does he smell? Is he prepared to answer your questions? Does he speak clearly?

As a homeowner, you should expect all these things.

If a generator service technician comes out to your home to sell you a generator, he should ask you some questions. What appliances in your home would you like to run during a utility power outage? How will you power this standby generator, with propane or natural gas? Continue reading

You Can Prevent Global Warming

Prevent Global WarmingGlobal warming is a major threat to your environment and your overall well-being. Everyone is now concerned about the environment and doing what they can to help save the environment. Is it possible to combat or prevent global warming in your own back yard? It is easy to learn how to prevent global warming in your home. You can start with identifying areas of your home which contribute to global warming. One of the major sources of global warming at home is gases generated from heating, cooling and electricity used for appliances and lighting. Continue reading

Home Show For Small Business and Entrepreneurs

home show for small businessAre you looking to grow your business? Do you want to make a few dollars? Many times a local home show is the place to do that. What steps do you need to take? How do you set up in a local fair or home show? Where do you get information?

Word of mouth is a great resource. Local advertisements can point you to an upcoming home show or fair. Most areas advertise a home show once a year. You will need to contact the person handling the home how or fair to see what rules or regulations they want the fair participants to follow. Continue reading

Learn How Many Electricians You Need For One Job


How Many Electricians You NeedWhat if you are building a new home, installing a standby generator and installing a pool? Should you have one electrician on the job? Absolutely!  Otherwise, there may be complications on the job. The homeowner who subs it out himself or the general contractor will have to coordinate all three electricians.

That is exactly what happened to me. The homeowner asked me to install a standby generator. I would not agree until the electrician wiring his home called me and talked to me. I wanted to know if there was going to be any conflict in this situation and he said no.  Because I was the 2nd in line of electricians, I need to know if the other electrician would approve of the situation, allow me to do my job without his interference, and willing to work with me as a licensed electrician.  All electricians involved must pull their own permit for the job they did on location. How many electricians you need depends upon the job and what is involved at that one location. Continue reading

Solar Powered Systems For Homes Verses Your Electric Company

solar powered systems for homesWhen installing solar powered systems for homes, your solar contractor needs to take into effect your needs, how much you have been using over the last 12 months and the amount of adjustments you are willing to take to convert over to a solar powered home.

Calculations will need to be made for normal use of your electrical system.  Energy systems for determining energy use are different.  Everybody’s needs are different.  Everybody wants are different.  Everybody is different in the way they use energy.  That is a big factor in trying to determine a set factor to determine that individual’s needs for solar power.

But how does your utility company fit into all this?  Good question! The answer may surprise you. Continue reading

Tips To Reduce Your Electric Bills By Digging Deeper For Real Savings

Reduce Your Electric BillsWhat was your last electric bill?  Have you tried to cut down on your usage?  You turn off the lights when you leave the room. You only wash and dry your clothes when you have a full load. You don’t heat up the oven for one potato. Maybe you think you are doing everything right. So, why are your electric bills still high?

You try to conserve your energy. You even get the family involved in not being wasteful. But yet, your bill is still increasing.  The problem is not that you are doing anything wrong, but that you are not doing enough. Here is a list of a few lesser-known tips to reduce your electric bills: Continue reading

Guide To Food Waste For Homeowners: Are You Wasting Food?

guide to food wasteFrom Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years, we’ve just finished the biggest holiday of eating. Whether its turkey bones or a casserole nobody ate, what do you do with the food left over? Have we become a nation to waste food?  Before you answer that question, let me point out a few things.

According to, they state that homeowners don’t know the meaning of food labels. “One of the first things you can do to cut food waste in your home is to stop treating the “best-before,” “use-by,” and “sell-by” labels as gospel that determine when food must instantly been thrown out.” As you look through your pantry, check you labels. Do you know when to throw something out? Can you extend its shelf life past the label?  Continue reading

Water Conservation Necessary For Survival

Water ConservationRecently on the TV program 60 Minutes, there was a segment that explained how we are “depleting the water” table. Is that possible? Would you even notice?

Is water the new oil? Absolutely!  In fact, in my area I was told by the water well drillers that the water table (from the ground level down to water) has dropped.  When I first moved here over 35 years ago, the water table was 15 feet. These days using the same drilling rate, it’s around 25 feet. In Louisiana, we don’t drill 11,000 feet for water. They drill down to 300, 350, 400 feet or deeper for a well. At this point in time, our ground water table is around 25 feet.  And it’s dropping every year. That’s why we have to use deeper water well pumps.

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