Clean Water Is Our Life

Filtered Clean Water


Water is our life. We need water to live. But have you ever looked inside? Do you know what’s in your water? Is city drinking water worth the risk? We are supposed to have one of the most sophisticated water systems in the world. But when testing water, there were unregulated chemicals found in many cities drinking water. What about a clean water filtration system? Is that right for you and your family?

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Standby Generator Installation Maintenance and Repairs

Standby GeneratorWhere were you when the lights went out? Waiting for your standby generator to come on in 30 seconds, I hope. There are many reasons homeowners lose power these days. It could be due to a storm where a tree falls on your utility power line or it could be due to excessive summer heat putting a greater load on the utility power company. But no matter the reason, homeowners lose utility power more frequently. That’s all the more reason for homeowners to have a standby generator.

A standby generator is installed near your home that comes on 30 seconds after you lose utility power. The amount of power a generator will produce is related to the size and load of your generator when it was installed. The load of your panel in your home needs to be calculated by someone who is factory trained or a master electrician. It needs to be done by someone who’s accomplished in generator installations.  Now this can be confusing to some customers who get several generator estimates. Continue reading

How To Hire A Contractor

How To Hire A Contractor

Bad Electrical Work

When homeowners are selling their house, the Realtor will ask if you have had any upgrades or changes to the original house. The Realtor will ask you which licensed contractor you used. For instance, I installed a generator for a homeowner. The inspector noted that she needed some electrical things taken care of outside of the generator. The inspector knew of me and my work and he recommended me to the homeowner. She called me back to do the additional work. They asked for a price. They got a fair job for a fair price. She knew how to hire a contractor.

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Don’t Lose Money On A Solar Powered System Using A Non Licensed Professional

You need to hire a licensed professional when you are having electrical improvements at your home. If a licensed professional cannot do exactly what you want, it is because he is limited by the National Electric Code, or N.E.C. If you want to add a microwave to your kitchen, it is not as simple as installing a receptacle. The electrician may need to install a new circuit. Problems may come in when he tried to run a wire down an inside wall to where you want the placement of that microwave. You need to develop a relationship with your electrician. He will get to know your house and its electrical limitations. To get to know an electrician, that means hiring a local professional. I’m sure there are electricians that have been around a while in your area. I’d be a little hesitant to hire someone who just moved to your state. This is even more extreme when it comes to installing a solar powered system. Continue reading

Alternative Energy Using Solar Power

Solar Power  InstallationSolar energy has been around for a long time. It has proven itself. Companies and their workers may come and go but solar stayed. The benefits of solar power from the sun outweigh the negative stories you’ve heard. There has been one company in my state that has been installing solar photovoltaic for years. They advertised it on TV commercials that homeowners could lease a system and only pay a minimum amount to their utility power company, that turned out not to be true. Then someone brought it to the attention of the state that he didn’t have a contractor’s license (general contractor or electrical contractor) to install photovoltaic. After all his advertising on TV, do you mean to tell me that no one checked his credentials?  How would you like to find out that the person who installed an electrical device system on your home -where your family lives and plays – is not properly licensed to do that? Continue reading

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs and LumensHave you switched your incandescent light bulbs over to LED lamps? You’ve probably noticed that it’s getting harder to find your favorite incandescent bulb. The reason being that the Energy Independence and Security Act (ESIA) of 2007 was passed to help reduce energy usage. This increased energy efficient standards for all lamps or bulbs.  These standards were not implemented overnight.  They started by forbidding the manufacturing of “non-compliant” incandescent light bulbs and they can’t be imported either.

Here’s what their plan looked like:

January 2012 – 100 Watt Bulbs Banned

January 2013 – 75 Watt Bulbs Banned

December 2014 – 60 and 40 Watt bulbs Banned

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How To Do a Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit

Are you ready to cut down and reduce your electric bills? Are you worried about the environment?  One step you could take is to perform a home energy audit. You’ll want to take some notes, so grab a clipboard or legal pad and take a tour of your own house! Here’s what to look for and some suggestions on how to conduct your audit.


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Electrical Contractor Needed In Your Home

Electrical Contractor Needed For Code Violation In HomeWhen I get a call to a homeowners’ location for a problem, it surprises me the things I find in their attic. I’m not talking about Christmas decorations. I am referring to the wire mess that was left behind by another electrical contractor. My last blog post I listed 3 code violations at a particular location. Here are more code violations.  Continue reading

Electrical Contractor Needed In Your Home To Repair Code Violations

Electrical Contractor Needed In You Home To Repair Code ViolationsWhen you have a problem, do you call a professional or a handyman?  Would you be ashamed if a professional contractor looked into your attic?  Is your electrical work legal? Would it pass inspection?

I was recently called to a homeowner’s location for a problem. Her home was recently built. So I was surprised when I entered her attic only to find code violations everywhere. In fact, I found so many that I ran for my camera so I could protect myself and my company from any future liabilities. I want to share with you some of her violations so you can see if they are in your house. Continue reading

Want To Build Your Own Energy Efficient Dream Home?

Energy Efficient Homes   Do you dream about building your own energy efficient home? You can if you stay focused. And if part of that focus is to make your home eco-friendly, the rewards can be even more satisfying. There are some specifics you’ll need to keep in mind if you decide to go the eco-friendly route in your house-building efforts.

Your first decision will be to decide how far you want to go in being environmentally friendly. Do you want your home to be 100 percent green or just partially – maybe only 75 or 50 percent? To help answer this question, ask yourself why you want to build an eco-dream home in the first place. Is it because you believe a natural lifestyle is healthier? Do you care about the environment and want to protect it? Do you want to save money while saving the environment? Continue reading