Tips To Reduce Your Electric Bills By Digging Deeper For Real Savings

Reduce Your Electric BillsWhat was your last electric bill?  Have you tried to cut down on your usage?  You turn off the lights when you leave the room. You only wash and dry your clothes when you have a full load. You don’t heat up the oven for one potato. Maybe you think you are doing everything right. So, why are your electric bills still high?

You try to conserve your energy. You even get the family involved in not being wasteful. But yet, your bill is still increasing.  The problem is not that you are doing anything wrong, but that you are not doing enough. Here is a list of a few lesser-known tips to reduce your electric bills: Continue reading

Guide To Food Waste For Homeowners: Are You Wasting Food?

guide to food wasteFrom Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years, we’ve just finished the biggest holiday of eating. Whether its turkey bones or a casserole nobody ate, what do you do with the food left over? Have we become a nation to waste food?  Before you answer that question, let me point out a few things.

According to, they state that homeowners don’t know the meaning of food labels. “One of the first things you can do to cut food waste in your home is to stop treating the “best-before,” “use-by,” and “sell-by” labels as gospel that determine when food must instantly been thrown out.” As you look through your pantry, check you labels. Do you know when to throw something out? Can you extend its shelf life past the label?  Continue reading

Water Conservation Necessary For Survival

Water ConservationRecently on the TV program 60 Minutes, there was a segment that explained how we are “depleting the water” table. Is that possible? Would you even notice?

Is water the new oil? Absolutely!  In fact, in my area I was told by the water well drillers that the water table (from the ground level down to water) has dropped.  When I first moved here over 35 years ago, the water table was 15 feet. These days using the same drilling rate, it’s around 25 feet. In Louisiana, we don’t drill 11,000 feet for water. They drill down to 300, 350, 400 feet or deeper for a well. At this point in time, our ground water table is around 25 feet.  And it’s dropping every year. That’s why we have to use deeper water well pumps.

Continue reading

In An Electrical Emergency, Who Do You Call?

Electrical EmergencyA phone call in the middle of the night is scary. The first thought is usually, who died? But if you have a business like I do, those middle of the night calls are answered by an answering machine or a service. If you are a homeowner who is scared that your house is going to catch fire, you need to take note.

One homeowner though his house was going to catch on fire at 3:00 AM. Continue reading

Secrets You Need To Know To Hire Licensed Electrician

Hire Licensed ElectricianAre your lights blinking? Do you need to add another receptacle in an area that doesn’t have one? Does a breaker keep tripping for no reason? It sounds like you need an electrician. But hiring an electrician can be a frustrating experience. It can also be expensive unless you hire the right person who will save you money (and trouble) in the long run. When choosing an electrician to come out to work on your house, no matter how small the project, being licensed and insured should be a requirement.

Hire Licensed Electrician That’s Local

You might be wondering why hiring an insured electrician is so important. Here are a few reasons:


First and foremost, your safety is of the utmost importance. A properly licensed and insured electrician is more likely to do the job correctly, reducing the risk of injury to you or anyone else. Death or injury by electric shock due to an improperly wired outlet, switch, or other mishap is a very real danger. To avoid this sort of accident, you are better off hiring a reputable, licensed, and insured electrician.

Being licensed is not necessarily the best, but it is a start. There are licensed electricians that are not up to par. Continue reading

Standby Generator Installation For Homeowners

Standby Generator InstallationI recently completed a standby generator installation. This local installation included a 20 KW standby generator with an automatic transfer switch. The homeowner was happy with the outcome and has had no problems with the unit.

The load at his house was tested.His electrical panel was inspected. His needs for power during a utility outage was discussed.  The final outcome was for a 20 KW standby generator.

Standby Generator Installation

 Whole House or Standby Generator Installation

Before a standby generator installation, remember to take into consideration the needs of your family. During a utility power outage, that is not the time to figure out what appliances, blow dryers, computers,etc., you need to run in your house.

The installation of a standby generator may be complete, but it is not a set-it and forget-it purchase. Generators require regular maintenance. Just like the car you drive needs regular check-ups, so does a generator. If you never do maintenance on your car, it will give you trouble just when you need it. A generator is the same thing. If you do no maintenance on it, it will give you trouble just when you need it.

This customer is happy with the installation. What’s keeping you from purchasing a standby generator for you home?

Saving Energy With Ease

Saving Energy With EaseIs there a way to eliminate global warming? If we save energy, will that eliminate global warming? Read on to find out the answer. If we use less energy, then we will not affect the environment as much as we are now. But this puts pressure on homeowners. The rise and drop in temperatures in the coming years will mean only one thing, more energy and fuel are needed to control the environment and make homes more comfortable.

Over the years, new technology has been invented to improve the manner of living – energy saving devices are not excluded. However new technology, as always, is a bit expensive at first. Initially, it costs more to buy a car that is efficient but the monthly bill of gasoline will be a lot less. Continue reading

Increased Global Warming Due To Plastic Bottles

global warming due to plastic bottlesYou’ve heard about global warming. But do you know what is it and how it affects you? According to Wikipedia, it is the “continuing rise in the average temperature of Earth’s climate system.” How it affects you is through the rise in higher temperatures. Higher temperatures mean you will run your central air conditioning unit more often causing your electric bills to sky rocket. I’d like to talk a little about a particular aspect of global warming that sometimes gets overlooked. It is global warming through waste management.

Solid waste is not always an issue we all want to talk about. But now, as the growing concern for the environmental protection is at its highest, we all need to delay throwing our water bottles a bit longer and think what we are doing to our only earth, our neighborhood. Continue reading

Clean Water Is Our Life

Filtered Clean Water


Water is our life. We need water to live. But have you ever looked inside? Do you know what’s in your water? Is city drinking water worth the risk? We are supposed to have one of the most sophisticated water systems in the world. But when testing water, there were unregulated chemicals found in many cities drinking water. What about a clean water filtration system? Is that right for you and your family?

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Standby Generator Installation Maintenance and Repairs

Standby GeneratorWhere were you when the lights went out? Waiting for your standby generator to come on in 30 seconds, I hope. There are many reasons homeowners lose power these days. It could be due to a storm where a tree falls on your utility power line or it could be due to excessive summer heat putting a greater load on the utility power company. But no matter the reason, homeowners lose utility power more frequently. That’s all the more reason for homeowners to have a standby generator.

A standby generator is installed near your home that comes on 30 seconds after you lose utility power. The amount of power a generator will produce is related to the size and load of your generator when it was installed. The load of your panel in your home needs to be calculated by someone who is factory trained or a master electrician. It needs to be done by someone who’s accomplished in generator installations.  Now this can be confusing to some customers who get several generator estimates. Continue reading